Rector's message



Dear Parish Family,

As I write this I am finding it difficult to grasp that we are only 29 days from the beginning of Lent! Ash Wednesday is February 26th. Didn't we just take down the Christmas decorations?

Perhaps it is just me, but of late the world seems to be propelling us along at an accelerated pace. A torrent of activities seems to hurtle me from one  week into the next!! Also, I am aware that for many months there has been an onslaught of serious illnesses and health issues afflicting several members of our All Saints family.  This often has felt like our folks were under siege, or as one of them put it, "seems like just  one damned thing after another!" By the Grace of God there also has been significant improvement and recovery in many of these situations. As a beloved faith community in unity with each of our brothers and sisters, we have had a lot going on!

Maybe it is a blessing in disguise  that Lent is almost upon us, since I have always found Lent to encourage a contemplative mood, to be a reminder to be reflective.  The season of forty days conveys an inherent invitation to slow down.  Next, of course, it is up to each of us to accept the invitation to make Lent a time of going inward and quieting the incessant attraction of distraction.

If during Lent we are willing to dip deeply into the well of Grace, we can slake our spiritual thirst and recover a rhythm in our spiritual lives. At least I'm going to try, and I wish the same for each of you.


David +