1. The Memorial Garden is a place for quiet reflection and a sacred space for the ashes to be buried of All Saints parishioners, relatives, or close friends.

2. The internment site must be within the Memorial Garden borders.

3. The ashes may be placed in either the lawn area or the flower garden and may be buried in a site or spread over an area.

4. The ashes in a site are to be placed directly into the ground rather than within a container.

5. Flowers may be placed at the site or area in the Memorial Garden at the time of the internment. Thereafter, flowers may be placed at any time only at the base of the Memorial Monument.

6. The fee is $400 per burial plus the charge for engraving the name on the Memorial Monument. This fee may be prepaid or paid at the time of internment. The fee will be used toward perpetual care.

7. All Saints will make the arrangements for the engraving. It will be done on an annual or semi-annual basis. The engraving shall consist of the person's name only with  no titles or symbols.

8. The Memorial Garden will be kept free of markers or ornaments of any kind.

9. The Memorial Garden may be visited at any time.

10. A data sheet will be completed and returned to the Parish Administrator.