Adult Forum

Adult Forum will resume at 9 AM Sunday, September 8, with Josh Cheney

and Whye Yap continuing to lead the group. This 8 week series is titled "The New Testament You Never Knew: Exploring the Context, Purpose and Meaning of the Story of God".

Sessions include:

1 .The Books  of the New Testament

2. The World of Jesus and the Apostles

3. The Life and Death of Jesus

4. The Resurrection of Jesus

5. The Ministry of the Apostle Paul

6. The Early Christians and the Church

7. The Mission of the Church

8. The Creation of the New Testament

Christian Education - CHILDREN

Christian Education for children will begin on Sunday, September 8 during the first part of the 10 AM service. They will meet in the Nave for commissioning of their teachers at the beginning of the service and then go downstairs for a team-building game, story and craft. They will return to join us again for the Peace.

Christian Education - YOUNG ADULTS

Under Construction